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Re: bye for now...

     Sorry to see you go, Corynne, but I know how it is! I've enjoyed your 
     comments and lightness here. You'll be missed. All the best in life 
     and music!

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Subject: bye for now...
Author:  Goddess <thefates@concentric.net> at INTERNET
Date:    9/12/97 1:43 AM

  Hello again, my replies lately have been few and far-between and usually
pretty short.  My life is turning some pretty intense corners of late and
on most days, the volume of mail I get from the list when added to whatever
I haven't previously gotten to read, becomes too much for me to handle.  I
mean the amount, not the content.  lol!  So I'm saying bye for now and am
temporarily leaving the list.  I'd love to keep chatting with those of you
who have shown an interest in my posts or just want to say "hi" or talk so
please feel free to write me at this e_mail address:
  I hope to talk with everyone soon as this list can be a very good
resource and has some pretty nice people on it.  See you all soon...  

Bye for now, smiles,