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KC project in Japan

Hi Loopers,

Great show!!
Today I saw King Crimson project live gig in Osaka,Japan!
A large audience,the Hall "Heat Beat" was full(I guess it over 800 people).

Belew played electronic drums only,he was not played the guitar,Just a 
Mr.Torn used EchoPlex,Vortex,PCM80,GM70(maybe),Ebow(a little play) etc..
Jamman has disappeared in his rack..

Tony and Bruford spoke Japanese on stage. cool :)


  Sunao Inami

E-mail                                     cave@osk.3web.ne.jp
URL"cave home"                       http://www.threeweb.ad.jp/~cave/

tel&fax "CAVE Studio"             +81 794 89 5025 Hyogo,Japan