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Re: Dynamic Looping (WAS: Re: Looper Wishlist)

At 07:37 AM 4/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
>A month ago I asked the question "Is the feedback pedal input on the
>Echoplex Digital Pro audio or CV?", to which I received no reply.
>Here is the reason for the question:
>>>>What if you could
>>>>replace elements in a loop based on dynamics? 
>I have set up delay based loops using the Ensoniq DP/4+ in a feedback
>configuration, where one processor is used in a feedback loop around 
>By using a compressor in the feedback loop around a delay, things get
>pushed around dynamically in the loop quite nicely. The loops take on a
>life of their own and evolve in very subtle or bizzarrely extreme ways.
>The same effect is possible using a Jamman or EDP with a mixer. Set the
>looper's mix to full wet, connect it's output to a channel, and it's input
>from an aux send.
>Insert a compressor either before or after the looper. Use the aux send on
>the mixer channel which the looper is in to control repeats.
> If the EDP feedback jack uses an audio signal, the same results could be
>acheived by inserting a compressor there.
>The time constants of the compressor play a major role in shaping the
>result, so use one which has wide ranging attack and release adjustments.
>Variable ratio and knee are also good to have available.
>I'd love to hear what you think of the results.....
>-Chuck Zwicky

Chuck: canna' help you with the Eplex ?, but this weekend I'm definitely
going to try this with my Jammie :)  AFTER I mow the lawn this fine day (a
loop in itself)

I've done a similar things running loops thru a flanger, but then you get
that flange-colored tone . . . 

loops that flux by themselves are my favorite cuz' they are an artificial
form of life--a nice, spiralling soundtrack to perform your higher 
to . . . 

get looped  :()()())))))()())()()()()()))()))())()())))())))()()


Tom Lambrecht  hideo@concentric.net