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Re: Dynamic Looping (WAS: Re: Looper Wishlist)

At 01:47 PM 4/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
> I've heard from Jamman users who later bought EDPs that the loops tend to
>degrade more over time in the EDP......

good to see the internet rumor mill continues to churn away....

In the old echoplex software there were some software bugs that caused
unwanted feedback reductions in some rare circumstances, typically in 
setups. The feedback on the slave unit would get stuck slightly below
maximum, resulting loop volume dropping slowly over long periods of time.
Not very many people experienced that, but it was irritating for those who
did. Those problems were fixed last year with the LoopIII v5.0 upgrade. 

I wouldn't describe feedback volume reductions as "degrade" though. I never
heard of anybody having a problem with the loop audio degrading over time.
It's difficult to imagine how that could happen, since the basic looping
situation is handled by just moving an address pointer back to the loop's
startpoint in memory. The data doesn't change...

I never heard of loop audio degrading in the jamman either, so I'm curious
why someone would think one was degrading "more" than another? Could they 
leaving overdub functions turned on, or something like that?


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