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Looping show tonight, Friday in Portland, OR


The Ascension Conspiracy will be playing a 2
hour show at the Starbucks at NW23rd and NW Hoyt
in Portland Oregon tonight, Friday April 23rd
from 8pm to 10pm.  Sorry for the late notice. 
Dammit Jim, I'm a musician, not a publicist!

The Ascension Conspiracy consists of:

1. The Grand Conspirator Orpheus on Stick, bass,
vocals and loops, and

2. The Rev. Doubt-Goat on electric guitar, lap
steel and loops, and

3. The Right Honourable Alesis SR-16 on
electronic drums and drum loops.

Loops provided by JamMan.


Rev. Doubt-Goat (Loops for all!  A loop in every
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