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Re: Looper Wishlist

At 1:29 PM -0500 4/11/98, Mike Artemenko wrote:
>A while back there was mention of a compilation of user contributions to
>an applications manual for the Echoplex DP. I would find this to be a
>great help in tying up or twisting all that parameter info in the user
>manual. I wouldn't really do that to my EDP would I? I hope something
>like this comes about. Any info is appreciated.

I think oberheim was talking about doing something like that, you might
want to contact them. I don't know whether they are still pursuing that or

Of course, there is always the playing tips on the Looper's Delight site,
and anybody who wants to contribute more stuff to that is certainly
welcome. Indeed, encouraged! That's the point of it right?


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