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so im not going to get rich playing my loops????

who would have thunk that what we do, and that is a question in And of 
is not quite mainstream. do we do music to drink coffee by? or hide me in a
corner and ill keep it low enough so as not to bother the eaters, would 
to ruin someones salad!! i have always wondered, is it the fact that i am 
simple that i can be quite happy listening to the loops of the birds and
"peepers" and find enjoyment in this. is this simplicity the basis of my 
of loops?
i have no idea how many people belong to this list, perhaps it is growing 
leaps and bounds or perhaps the how to unsubscribe question is some 
of where we are heading. i dont know.
nothing i like more than banging a loop into my rang and sitting back and
reading the posts of the day. what fun!! 
this is one of the only places where i find kindred spirits talking about 
oh so small aspect of this thing we call music.
perhaps i am the only one who likes my music, thAt is a good first step 
and it
keeps me off the streets. i no longer look for external acceptance and i 
that i grow more comfortable with that attitude every day. but that could 
due to the fact that i am an over-middleaged, funky looking , qusi-
intellectual white man!!
one last point (thank god) i would really like to hear the LD"s c.ds or any
music that you all are creating. ive had no luck getting info for the LD 
and i dont know if any of you share tapes. i often feel like a blind man 
told about a