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Re: Hackles have been raised!

  Less intelligent people use  words as analytical,academic and intelectual
as INSULTS,hey,I know how to read and write music,my parents took me to
piano lessons wich I hated,then I took it own my own,(story sounds
familiar?)making music for the sake of it is a labor from the soul,but
having musical education helps you have things a LOT more organized most of
the time,but it becomes a  cerebral and souless thing when you«re jamming
and you«re thinking:"I«m in c diminished in 3/4 and I can«t play this or
that note..."
  a healthy balance is the key,because I«m irked as well when I hear dudes
going like:"I don«t know how this chord«s name,don«t know wich key I am
in,but it works!"
  Play your living soul AND your thinking brain outta the song!


At 06:36 PM 13/04/98 EDT, you wrote:
>About this statement:
><< Looping still is home to the overly analytical and cerebral types
> of energy. Those folks do more damge than good to
> music in any category cause they reduce music to
> something less than the gifts it can bear. >>
>Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but are you saying that the intellect has 
>place in music of any type? Are you saying that the use of analytical and
>intellectual skills actually make music worse? 
>It really irks me when people use terms like "analytical" and "academic" 
>"intellectual" in a perjorative way. Can music only "bear gifts" when it 
>been written to the lowest common denominator? Is Madonna better that Bach
>because she's less intellectual? 
>I enjoy a lot of different kinds of music, from folk traditions to avant 
>contemporary music, and I would never presume to insult anyone's music 
>it's too smart, or not smart enough. As an artist, I endeavor to bring my
>entire self to my work--my intellect, my heart, my soul. I don't think
>striving to make intelligent music takes away from my work in any way. In
>fact, I think it can only help. Having a brain doesn't preclude having a
>heart, does it?
>Am I the only one here who feels this way?
>Drew Wheeler