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Re: Lanois/Reeves

that is a great story about a great disc . . .

I saw DL at the NO Jazz and Heritage Fest in '89 and tho' it was a short 
to a somehat boisterous audience, it was magic--that was about the time of
the release of the album and he did most of the cuts on it . . . I recorded
the set and its amazing how much of the atmosphere (with the trademark
Lanois capital "A") of the album he manged to capture live . . . 



 I feel like a drowning man reaching the surface. Life is good.
>I whip out my Daniel Lanois cd`s and  put on "Acadie". My heart skips a
beat as the conversation in the room stops.  Everyone listens attentively.
They all get a surprised look
>on their faces. My mum asks who this is. "daniel lanois" I tell them , in
my best french accent.
>Noone says a word.
>Then magic happens.
>They LOVE it!!!!!!  They absolutely love it! My mom starts speaking french
to show us that

>Yours , Thomas Woehni    , Oslo  Norway........
Tom Lambrecht  hideo@concentric.net