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 Hi friends , just got back from my easter holiday and have about
150 post to go through. While im sitting here cathcing up I have a funny
experience I`d like to share.

It happened in my familys cabin out in the country. We were all gathered 
there ,
uncles and aunts , grandparents and grandchildren. It was one of those 
moments when the family is gathered and everyone  is happy.  And when my 
family is
gathered there is one thing you can count on:   the old country/crooner 
Jim Reeves is
not far away. 

So there we are , fireplace lit up , playing cards and having a good time. 
But when the second tape of Jim Reeves is reaching its end and my mom is 
hopping about looking for the third I
figure its time to take action:  I put on the sweetest smile I can muster 
and say , in my most
angelic voice:  "listen , guys , I brought a cd with some of the music I 
like......."    As always , this line coming from me makes everybody get a 
really worried frown and the eyes start
flickeering......."maybe later , dear"  I hear from my otherwise so 
suportive grandmother. She 
was obviously starting to get the groove on with good ole mr. Reeves.

At this point Im almost gasping for air as Jim`s drummer counbts up to yet 
another shuffle.
I say:  "  actually , the music is quite similar to what you are already 
listening to".  I watch my words carefully not to let my unholy dread of 
mr. Reeves slip through. Im winning them over now. One by one they ease up 
and goes about with their business. "we dont mind" is the vibe they`re 
sending out. Its down to mom now. She is the only one standing bewteen me 
and freedom. 

I push my hungry-puppy-look to the max and goes beyond my limits. Adolf 
Hitler would have melted had he looked into my eyes on that cold april 
night. Finally she caves in and gestures me towards the cheap  stereo 
("500 watts"  it says) and my freedom. As I approach the instrument of my 
release (phillips compact stereo cd system , with subsonic bass and 
loudness button) I feel like a drowning man reaching the surface. Life is 

I whip out my Daniel Lanois cd`s and  put on "Acadie". My heart skips a 
beat as the conversation in the room stops.  Everyone listens attentively. 
They all get a surprised look
on their faces. My mum asks who this is. "daniel lanois" I tell them , in 
my best french accent.
Noone says a word.

Then magic happens.

They LOVE it!!!!!!  They absolutely love it! My mom starts speaking french 
to show us that
"I learned french in college y`know". My grandmother seems to have 
forgotten all about Jim Reeves and says:  "that Daniel knows how......that 
Daniel."  I deicide to milk my victory for
all its worth and starts telling my uncle (the only one there who is 
remotely interested in music) that Lanois has produced for U2.  I get a 
warm rush through my body as I feel a revolution is going on. I picture my 
whole family getting into Lanois , then Eno and Torn.
Maybe granny will by me that Crimson box set Ive been drooling over. Could 
dad get a Zappa-obsession and get all those records i cant find??   

As I sit there dreaming I realize that Ive pushed it too far. My uncle is 
, after all , a luther vandross fan and thinks virtuosity equals quality. 
He mutters : "I think he should have stuck to producing" referring to a 
not-so-in-tune Lanois vocal note.

Oh well , we win some loose some.  My point is this:
How can Daniel Lanois appeal to me (as a somewhat modern jazz type guy) 
and to the Jim Reeves fans out there without sounding like he`s 
Is there a lesson here for all us "weirdos"??  Maybe we can all make a 
good living at this
if we just look at our creative output from a different angle??

I leave it up to you to decide , I just wanted to share..............

Yours , Thomas Woehni    , Oslo  Norway........