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Re: EDP function problem

I've started working an EDP into a weekly restaurant gig, just noodling 
diatonic chord changes with tension and release stuff.  No one has stopped
eating and walked out; there has even been some interest - "play that thing
        Problem: I just replaced my 4 Mb chips with 16 Mb SIMMs.  The EDP
memory has indeed come up to 198 seconds (wonderful stuff, memory)
HOWEVER... the unit NOW records in overdub mode even after I've hit the
record switch to shut record off UNLESS I hit the overdub switch, then it
doesn't overdub!!! Ididn't realize it until I started playing the gig last
night, and it happened several times.  Fortunantly, overdubbing sounds 
but WHAT HAVE I DONE?  WHAT DO I NEED TO DO??   Calling Obie-wan....

                TIA....                 Grover