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Re: SV: Lanois/Reeves

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Woehni wrote:

> Yeah , that atmosphere is what drew me in.......
> how does he do it??  (you dont have to answer that.)
> BTW, for those of you who feel that we are venturing into 
> off-topicality I`m happy to inform
> you that Mr. Lanois is the proud owner of a Boomerang. So 

And he has been known to name some pieces after certain
pieces of gear that inspire them.  Two that come immediately
to mind are "Orange Kay", and "Omni" (after the Omnichord)
off the Slingblade score.

Maybe there will be a piece showcasing the Boomerang
and using its name on his next solo effort.  Of course
he's got to finish Willie Nelson's next record first...
Anyway, rumor has it that Lanois' next solo album will
be more like the Slingblade material than his previous
stuff. Signature Lanois atmosphere all over the place.
Some can't stand it, i can't get enough.


Pete Koniuto