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Re: holdsworthian delaze

In a message dated 4/17/98 9:39:09 AM, Jon Durant wrote:

>We painstakingly recreated all of the delay, modulation and panning 
>in a PCM 80, and A/B'd the two. It wasn't even close to his mammoth rig.
>Why? My guess is that all those different delays, with different analog
>sections, created something wholly unique, and a single clock-rate chip, 
>matter how advanced, could not duplicate the vibe which was going on.

I would also like to speculate that when you're dealing with individual
milliseconds, as in the mammoth set-up, you have to factor in the "vibe" of
all those inter-connections, A/D-D/A conversions, cables, buffers, etc. 
I suspect that in trying to duplicate the sound with one multi-effect like 
PCM-80 you really need to start from absolute scratch and approach it with 
bit of serendipity.