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Re[4]: SV: holdsworthian delaze

>Paolo wrote...
>There are signal splitters out there that will buffer the signal so that
>the original signal level is maintained.   I can't list specific products
>due to memory failure, but, yes, you can split the signal into many lines
>provided you have the right equipment.
Miko wrote
>>     Hi all... I use a Rane SM26 which is a 6 channel Splitter / Mixer 
>>     depending on how you patch it. It was used in a lot of Bradshaw 
>>     systems for just that purpose. It can also send - return (using two 
>>     channels). It's great for getting gains balanced as well.
I bought one for that, and found that it didn't provide independent 
buffering--if you were feeding three units in parallel, the volume 
controls were interactive.

Travis Hartnett

MB: I believe that the Uptown Flash, being a passive splitter mixer, is 
going to have interaction as well. 

It's a snap to get the SM26 levels balanced, and while they are 
they seem to react most above the 3 o'clock setting (nearly maxed). If I 
things at three or lower, there's much less reaction. The unit is very 
transparent in all other respects. It helps me solve a lot of problems 
normal aux bus mixers don't. IE splitting.

I also use a GCX Expander audio loop switcher to switch a Boss GX-700 
(input to 
fx loop); Pearce G2r amp; Fulltone Fulldrive 2; Prescription Electronics 
Experience; Z-Vex Fuzz Factory; and Big Muff as well as channel switch the 
Pearce amp with it. If a Switchblade falls out of the sky, I'll use it in 
instant!!! 8-> One day we'll all have them and never have this discussion 

I'm thinking of adding the inputs of the LXP15 and GX-700 (I'll have to 
lose a 
fuzz to do that 8->) to two of the GCX loops to gain foot and midi control 
which one I'm actually using. I'm also toying with the idea of something 
like a 
Subway Reverb Rocket, or V-twin rack preamp instead of the Pearce.

That output is then split by the SM26 like this...

1. LXP15II input
2. GX700 FX input
3. JamMan input
4. Vortex input left
5. Vortex input right

These are all pretty much set and forget input levels. I do occasionally 
one input to zero to limit the dsp havoc taking place. It's usually no 
Especially if I'm stereo compressing my mix, which I do about half the 
time. (At
least peak limiting). If I didn't want to ever touch the SM26 settings I 
still reach over and tweak the LXP15 input for instance.

Right now, these inputs are all preceded by patch bay insert points so I 
lift any unit to my Mackie 1202VLZ busses or wherever for flexibility. 

I started out trying to get *everything* on busses and wanted a lot of 
versatility, but finally seem to be settling into ... JamMan on aux bus 2, 
3/4 goes to Vortex inputs. That way I can just punch the Alt 3/4 button 
and that
output is sent off to Vortex hell... (I really like that Alt 3/4 feature!) 
I can
also Jam the Vortex or Vortex the Jammie quite easlily, whatever the whim.

Too much information? You be the judge! 8->
Loop on...