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they B.L.U.E....


words are never gonna capture this one.....

"amazing" sounds cliche...

Bruford was transcendent, Botti a work of art, Torn magnificent, out of his
friggin MIND in the second set, and Tony was wild - having the time of his
life!! and rocking around the stage..ebullient

2nd set was a blister raiser - 20 more minutes than the just over an hour
1st set..

2nd set also saw the very cool OUD improv & loops..which DT then did some
very gutbucket National Steel slide over...

Excellent sound throughout, the boys seemed to have a stellar time!!

Gearheads dep't:

new drumset setup for bruford - all acoustic Tamas, remote snare, cowbell.
4 toms, a floor, bass & snare. all drums ex. bass were mounted completely
horizontal... (flat hitting surface, no angle to the ground..)

DT with his rack fr hell - 2 echoplexi, vortex, roland sampler, lexicon pcm
42 , lex multi FX, mixer, assorted toys (ebow, tape player, slides) - on
the floor - auto wah, wah, TC stuff , lotsa expression pedals, controls for
2 echopli and rivera amps, played the klein, oud and national

Tony Levin - stick, Steinberger standup (including some bowed stuff), the
burnt bass (see papabear.com) - thru trace elliot, and a boogie half stack
(!??) he had his bradshaw(?) rack controller, 2 roland vol pedals - the
rack had the fat TC multi effects unit, a drawer with all kinds of toy
looped in - i saw an old MXR phaser, a Big Muff, many more.

Chris Botti - the lucky one (gear-lugging-wise !!!) - fine trumpet with a
wireless mic, mute. he was really great - excellent tone, fine solos

highlight - a tune from Cloud about Merc - i won't spoil the surprise !!
Otherwise, lots of stuff from BLUE CD, but turbo charged for the tour, lots
of new areas of exploration....

meeting Tony and Bill afterward was one my favorite moments ever!! These
guys are some of my greatest heroes... and so cool and down to earth!!


(p.s. i'll inform when i website/post the article i was involved in that
bruford did in this week's philly weekly)