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some feedback please!!

if kims statement is true, that looping is not a genra (sp) but a tool to
create music,then this question is not off base, too much.......
the fedareales, in their most giving mode, are sending me some of my hard
earned pennys back from my taxes. oh happy day!!   rather than doing 
stupid with this moola, like paying bills, i am going to invest in my first
link to the world of loopermainia, a new guitar. i shiver at the thought! 
i am
hot for a carvin ae 185. this is an acoustic-electric, has 2 lines out, one
acoustic the other elec. this alone makes my mind spin. i have never seen 
played a carvin in real life or in any life for that matter. i think there 
one or two guitarist in this group so  maybe you all could direct me in my
choice. i also saw that washburn (i have no idea as to what these are like)
are incorporateing the buzz feinten tuning system. do i even want to go
the ae 185 after i add a few things comes in at 930.00 with case.  if 
after 10
days i do not like it, i send it back for a full refund even though it is
custom made. this i think is an excellent idea.
any thoughts, suggestions,