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Re: Assd. Holdsworthisms

>On the subject, Kim mentioned:
>>Once upon a time there was a NAMM show where I had to work the whole damn
>>show in the Oberheim booth. I even wore a suit and tie, making me an
>>honest-to-god Suit for four days.
>Is that a problem?  Surely the fact that you were wearing a suit doesn't
>make you part of a conspiracy... I'm wearing a suit now,  as an act of
>rebellion againt the t-shirt and jeans slackers of the University;
>expressing my individuality!  And hey, Reeves Gabrels in Tin Machine 
>the _coolest_!

I've been told I look pretty good in a suit, and I secretly enjoy wearing 
it! Makes me feel powerful, and the chicks dig it. And what's this 
conspiracy? Nobody asked me to join! Do I get to wear a suit all the time 
if I'm in the conspiracy?

I don't think the suit was it. I believe that Allan decided not to get 
interested in looping or the echoplex entirely because of my haircut. At 
the time I foolishly believed he would look past such things and evaluate 
the echoplex and the idea of looping on it's own merits, and according to 
his own musical needs, which is what he appeared to be doing to me. But 
you holdsworth fans have now enlightened me....