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Re: warren haynes

I wasn't putting down or underestimating Warren Haynes, and I'm sort of 
baffled how you got that idea. Sorry that you did.

My whole point in bringing it up is that I think he WOULD do something 
interesting with it, and I was trying to point out to folks here that the 
scope of people interested in looping is much wider and more diverse than 
you would gather from much of the conversation on LD. The ambient 
soundscaping thing is just one part of it, and I'm sure Warren would 
represent another. It's the same diversity theme I've been pushing since 
the list started a year and a half ago! 

Along that traditional guitar player vein, some other names that have been 
checking out looping devices include Peter Frampton and Tony Iommi.....


>Kim Flint wrote:
>since he's just getting one of these things, I would guess it would be the
>next album with the soundscaped-ambient-drum-and-bass-country-rock on it.
>In the words of the Amazing Human Torch ( of Fantastic Four fame) "FLAME 
>ON!" ; }
>Do not underestimate the powers of Warren Haynes.  Gov't Mule is not a 
>country rock
>band (nor are the Allman Brothers).  A more appropriatte comparison would 
>be to
>live Cream.  In that context, the idea of Warren using an echoplex may be