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Re: just a casual reminder....

>just a casual reminder....
>...that this is LOOPER'S Delight, not Guitar Player's Delight.....

>Now, some of you six-string wunderkinds may find this completely shocking,
>but a lot of people here don't even play guitar! I know it's hard to
>believe, but it's true! Guess how interested they are in long discussions
>about guitar playing that have no looping content whatsoever?

>All the blathering about fuzz pedals and difficult chord voicings by
>non-looping guitarists is starting bore people right off the list....

Yes, Holdsworth is a non-looping guitarist. His music and chord voicings 
seem to
interest many of us here.

Are you getting private email complaints about discussions taking place?

I thought that the subject line above (ie. pedals or hard chords) was a 
way to decide if you want to wade through a thread's content? 

It does seem apparent that we *LOOPING GUITARISTS* seem interested in what 
talking about to each other via this list. That's how we met and it seems 
to be 
a continuing location for further discussions. If for instance someone 
speaks up
about the sound source they loop, should that go offline? My fuzzes are an 
essential part of my sound in many instances. People had questions about 
them. I
certainly won't talk forever about my 3 or 4 fuzzboxes. 

>And here's another shocker: many of the people who do play guitar (i.e. 
>also don't come here to talk about guitar!

See that subject line Kim... Your sarcasm is well noted. I'll restrain my 
enthusiam for my avocation next time. I might have to include the OB Kim 
disclaimers which you commented on last time I did it.

>Remember that this is not a moderated list. It is up to you to be
>responsible about remaining on topic and not wasting bandwidth on long
>off-topic discussions that have nothing to do with looping. That's how we
>maintain a nice, civilized, and diverse group, and how we keep things
>interesting for everybody most of the time.

Respectfully... Go check out the profiles at the site, Kim... they reflect 
highly guitar biased readership. If your list has taken a direction you 
like, maybe you should moderate it. I'd hate to see that happen though. 
This is 
one of the best lists I've ever been involved in. Is this in spite of all 
discussions involving guitarists or because of it?


(and why is it always the guitar players anyway? wait, no don't answer 
that :-)

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