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more than casual remainder...

maybe just a word about looping with guitars?  

OK, I do think that the future of looping is in the interface.
That is the control and the focus, the question of what you
can do is important, but if you want more sales, it's clear
utmost ease/control/flexibility is going to be needed.

That is the history of music since the beginnings of 
notation, through the piano, through recordings, widespread
distribution of media, for all too consume.  Leading
to computers which can through software enable detailed
controls of architecture.

I think we have to look at the bones of a sampler, a computer, and how
easily we want to relate.  

brown25 brought up some points about how production while
somewhat static in DAW did offer quite a lot even to
someone who isn't trained in making music.

It becomes the art of constructs.

But then you have talent such as virtuoso guitar players
that like to loop to no end and talk mostly about guitars,
and fuzzy things.

So where do the two meet?

I think if you plug a monitor into the Echoplex
that would be something, just direct boom.  For live

You could see sound mapped and consider if you wanted to
do something about it by studying sounds you liked and
didn't.  By visually catagorizing, a way could be 
created to choose loops like and move them on the fly, shifts.  All
onscreen. You could even have a foot pedal
to control it, if you were so inclined?  Just build a 
second layer into the Echoplex foot pedal already, flip
switch boom, we're into the batcave batman!

THis wouldn't elude the hardware either.  It would provide
perhaps a very simple set of commands which mirror those
you believe would most be helped by becoming visual.

Overdubb might be one.

You could see the chords and keep track of how many
overdubbs and how much memory perhaps easier by seeing
it on screen, and you cut and move when ready.

Just a suggestion.