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Re: looping week

At 20.01 21/04/98 -0400, you wrote:
>hello leo...
>ΚΚΚ I'm a twenty-two year old existentialist lost in the loop...ΚΚ Soon 
>I'll be
>where you just were...ΚΚ Definitely interested in what the people had to 
>about it...
>How did they react to the changes from mildly ambient to heavy
>anyway, I'm interested in knowing more...


regarding my recent live experience: well, the audience was not there to
meditate or listen deeply to what come from the stage. They wanted to dance
to the headliner of the evening, an alternative local band called M.
I took the M singer and let him read some words and sparse poems over the
first part of the loop. Then for 20-25 minutes I've been alone with a
drummer/percussionist (simply playing colours, accents and percussions, not
a steady rhythm) to make the loop evolve and going wild. At last the 
drums, 80 bpm of a heavyly pitched down rhythm, with the drummer and me
playing this intense funk-dub groove for less than 10 minutes. The crowd
liked the thing and the organization paid more than I expected. I think it
was a positive experience. 

But I found a lot more interesting the theatre work. The direction of the
loops and the sound choices were written down following the director
suggestions but I had a lot of free space to improvise and let the things
evolve. I was high over the audience to see all the scene, the 3 
and the actors moves and the interaction between music and all the rest was
really exciting, especially the second night. Great experience I hope to
repeat as soon as possible.

Any of you looping for dancers or other art form?


PS. I'd like to talk about looping and that's al. It's not casual that I've
avoided to write about equipment, about my Chapman Grand Stick, my Jamman 
sec with Midi pedalboard, my new Vortex with footswitch and expression 
or my beloved Yamaha fx770... oops :)