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Re: looping week

<P>Leonardo Cavallo wrote: ><FONT SIZE=-1>Hi</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=-1>regarding my recent live experience: well, the audience
was not there to</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=-1>meditate or listen deeply to what come from the stage.
They wanted to dance</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=-1>to the headliner of the evening, an alternative local
band called M.</FONT></BLOCKQUOTE>
...>local where?

<P><FONT SIZE=-1>&nbsp;for 20-25 minutes I've been alone with a</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=-1>drummer/percussionist (simply playing colours, accents
and percussions, not</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=-1>a steady rhythm) to make the loop evolve and going 
...>that is exactly what I'm talkin' about...that is what I/WE do here
in A2..(Ann Arbor).<FONT SIZE=-1></FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=-1>At last the sampleddrums, 80 bpm of a heavyly pitched
down rhythm, with the drummer and me</FONT>
<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE><FONT SIZE=-1>playing this intense funk-dub groove
for less than 10 minutes. The crowd</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=-1>liked the thing and the organization paid more than I
expected. I think it</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=-1>was a positive experience.</FONT></BLOCKQUOTE>
Funk dub grooves generally are positive experiences
<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE><FONT SIZE=-1>But I found a lot more interesting
the theatre work. Any of you looping for dancers or other art 
thanx for the response leo..I've had some minor experiences with 
nothing terribly exciting or rememberable....:)however, I've been 
in improvising loops to a visual experience, film/videoprojection, etc...
(w/ w/out and /or&nbsp; live art-like performance via the mothers '69)

<P>I'm interested in hearing exactly what you do.&nbsp; If that's possible
hit me w/ an e-mail... (innerspace@mediaone.net)
<BR>We've been brainstorming a number of things here in A2 like shows and
cd's and lotsa fun stuff.&nbsp; I'ts all still gelling but when it does
interesting things could happen...&nbsp; Have you ever done any work in
a multi point sound system..meaning multiple stereo mixes being sent to
multiple power amps feeding multiple cabinets.... mounted in 
locations..(hehe) and sending signals from hither to thither&nbsp; at 
<BR>and furthermore, in a general question to anybody...
<BR>does anybody know how I might go about setting this up in a circular
auditorium, and what the implications of serious phase shifting would be
on the minds of those involved in this experiment....or anything about
what I'm yappin aboot.. respondez si vous plait..;0)

<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>PS. I'd like to talk about looping and that's <FONT 
pss:who's <FONT COLOR="#FF0000"><FONT SIZE=+4>"al"</FONT></FONT>

<P>It's not casual that I've
<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>avoided to write about equipment, about my Chapman
Grand Stick, my Jamman 32
<BR>sec with Midi pedalboard, my new Vortex with footswitch and expression
<BR>or my beloved Yamaha fx770... oops :)</BLOCKQUOTE>
hey we've all got our fixations