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DC-Loop show

Well I managed to get out of the Rust belt for the weekend and saw 
B.L.U.E. and the DC-Loop show.  They loop show was very fun, opening with 
Paul Mimlitsch, and his partner, looping Chapman Stick and 
drums/percussion.  The drummer was wild, dropping handfuls of drumsticks, 
lots of chimes, bells etc. Paul was putting out some very nice meditative 
stuff on the Stick.  Following up were Patrick Smith and his partner in 
Fingerpaint - talk about G.A.S., these guys had 2+ massive racks of 
stuff, both playing guitars and create a huge wall of sound, sound 
sculpture. The third act Siobahn Canty did some very nice mellow pieces, 
looping the female vocalist and some trumpet.  I'm not much of a 
reviewer, but I did really enjoy the show and some of the work you guys 
did stimulated some ideas for me.  Thanks Patrick for putting the show 
together, glad I wandered down from Baltimore to see it.

Stew Benedict