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RE: pedals!! (was: splitters)

> If your must have octave fuzz, by 
> all means audition that mode also. I'd also check out the Fulltone
> Ultimate 
> Octave and the Way Huge Piercing Moose as well.
Well, to put in my two cents. The Ultimate Octave pedal works really
well. High octave is pretty strong-even on a bass (6-string in my case).
Play double stops that aren't a 5th or a 4th and it's pretty radical,
very enjoyable in my book. I'd say the poor man's ring mod., except the
pedal is damn pricey (course you are getting a good fuzz sound plus the
octave thing). 

I've also checked out the Prescription Electronics Facelift. If the
octave on that is any indication of what the Experience's octave mode
does . . .  well let's just say that the Facelift is an interesting
sounding pedal and does some cool things, but a pronounced octave really
isn't one of 'em.

Don't know the Way Huge stuff.

On an almost comedic note, does anyone know anything about an Electro
Harmonics Instant Replay or 2-Second Delay? (I guess that I just love