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RE: pedals!! (was: splitters)

I bought the Instant Replay the day it came out in New York (1981?) -- 
from Sam Ash, I think it was $975.  I had been to the Electro Harmonix 
place on 48th Street and seen that cool dude, Ken, play it and wail really 
amazingly.  So I was on the line that day.

It was fine in the "fast mode," at 1 second of delay.  It was a very 
crisp, clean, beautiful delay.  But in the "slow mode," the quality fell 
through the floor.  You got two seconds, but the delay sounded worse than 
telephone quality.  I'd describe it nowadays as 8-bit monophonic.  It also 
had an extra switch on the right side of the unit (oooh... extra switch) 
to lock in whatever was in memory at the time, so you could solo on top of 
it.  As a looping device, it left much to be desired.

Then I got a job at Electro Harmonix, like two years before they folded, 
and did quality control -- I played a lot with the 16-second digital delay 
then.  I was able to buy one of those like a year after EH closed.  That 
was sweet.  You had 8 seconds of really clear crisp delay.  I looped good 
for many years with that.  But it would stopped working after a while.  I 
used to know an engineer who would fix it, but he moved away and I haven't 
known anybody else who could fix it.  Hey, if anybody knows someone in the 
Bay Area (San Francisco) who could fix it, let me know.  I know it was 
built with lots of cheap Far Eastern parts, and it would die really easy 
if you stomped on it or shook it around.

I still have the 16-sec unit, but the Instant Replay I had until around 
1990 when I left it in a paper bag in my car outside my mother's apartment 
in New York after a gig.  They broke in and took it.  I've been cursing 
whoever has been playing it since then.

I loved that delay unit.  

There -- just wanted to put in my two cents.

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On an almost comedic note, does anyone know anything about an Electro
Harmonics Instant Replay or 2-Second Delay? (I guess that I just love