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Re: "Acid" from Sonic Foundary

>don't know, but wouldn't the audio path latencies on the PC make this 
>hard? Nice thing about the hardware loopers is that all they do is move
>audio data around, so the latency is unnoticably small. (1-2 ms). With
>today's PCs the latency is far greater than that (20-300+ms?), so I would
>guess that real-time looping applications wouldn't work so well.

On win95, one can play around with the system timer and generate 
timer events to a VxD with <3ms latency.

Combine this with the new generation of scatter/gather DMA PCI cards 
(Turtle Beach (www.tbeach.com) will start selling its Montego card next 
week that seems quite nice: 18bit AD/DA, 16 hardware digital mixers 
with independant sample rates, 32 voice HW wavetable synthesis for $129), 
and it seems like it might be possible to write some software that 
combines the 
features of the software mixers/Midi sequencers with the looping features 
of the 
hardware loopers. I don't know, however, if this can be done through a 
interface such as DirectSound or whether acheiving the low latencies 
required for 
this type of application requires sound card specific knowledge.

This is probably fairly off topic for this list.
I have, however, been thinking of writing some SW of this nature
and would be interested in exchanging ideas with anyone that has
played around in this space.