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HR-16 and HR-16b

I have and use an HR-16.  I record (loop) it analog
into the EDP,  played real time, no midi connection.  When I bought
the HR-16 I was under the impression the only difference with the
HR-16b were the
sampled sounds.  I assume these are on the Eprom.  I
recently asked a local Alesis repair/parts center if I could order and
change the Eprom in my HR-16 to the that of the HR-16b, and he said
that would not
work. Are they truly different internally?

Kim, are you going to chastise us for talking too long
about the HR-16?  If it is any consequence, I am a (originally) a
guitar player (well actually flutaphone), so there you go.  That must
be the root of
the problem.  That demon seed. I'm talkin bout trouble. That starts
with T and that rhymes with EDP, and that stands for Loop pooL.  Right
here in River City.


---tdbajus <nyfac2@nyfac.com> wrote:
> Anybody use the HR-16 and the HR-16b together?
> Trevor

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