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Frisell in Portland (looping content)


Just saw Bill Frisell and Joey Baron at the
Aladdin Theater last night, and I must say, it
just goes to show what you can do with just 3
stomp boxes, a digitech pds 8 sec delay, a
really nice and expensive looking archtop guitar
and godzilla chops! I've never seen two
professional musicians of such high caliber
having such a genuinely good time playing with
(and for) each other.

And Joey Baron!!! What a nut! Best drummer I've
ever seen.

Bill's looping was as always, exciting and
fresh. When I get my DOD dfx98, I'm thinking of
setting it on a stool, playing the knobs and
stealing Bill's gig! Absolutely different from
how I have always approached looping (more the
Fripp/Torn direction).

The ability to change the loop length/pitch with
a simple twist of a knob is something I really
miss with my JamMan. Maybe the EDP will
incorporate this in a later update! Preferably
as an option to be controlled by an expression

By the by, on a completely different guitar geek
note, does anyone know why Bill was not using
his Klein? Has he been using it recently live at


Rev. DOubt-Goat
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