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dt clarification: was Frisell in Portland (minimal loop content)

In a message dated 4/25/98 4:46:05 PM, dgoat wrote:
>When I get my DOD dfx98, I'm thinking of
>setting it on a stool, playing the knobs and
>stealing Bill's gig! Absolutely different from
>how I have always approached looping (more the
>Fripp/Torn direction).
sorry to take up valuable LD bandwidth (again), but i'm
just aiming at a bit of clarification, here:
rf & i certainly do *not* share an "approach" to our live use of looping, 
more than we share an approach to our guitar-playing.
while i tend to bring more pedals & whatnot to my thing than does the
estimable bf, many of those pedals (and the mixer in my ever-smaller rack) 
dedicated to the live manipulation of loops, as they have been since around
ya know.
i can't be sure what it is ya *think* i might be doing, but i'm pretty sure
there must be some kinda misperception, there.