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Re: Frisell in Portland (looping content)

>> By the by, on a completely different guitar geek
>> note, does anyone know why Bill was not using
>> his Klein? Has he been using it recently live at
>> all?
>When I saw him a few months ago he was using the Klein mostly and only 
>the archtop on a couple tunes.  Maybe just trying something different for 
>different context

Interviewed in Acoustic Guitar a while back he announced that he was using
Anderson (-sen?) archtops from Seattle after Gary Larson gave him one for
doing the Far Side toon.  At the time he said "I'm giving up FX, just me 'n
the jazz box" (paraphrased) which seemed to be a renouncement of Looping
(rather distressing at the time); good to see sense has got the better of
him and he's now looping the jazz box....