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Re: DOD Dimension 12 review

At 1:00 AM -0400 4/27/98, Sean T Barrett wrote:
>This is not to say that everyone on this list can live
>without the "missing" features.  And certainly you might
>be paying for a lot of sampling features you would never

>From the feature set and Chuck's descriptions, the sampler features you
would be paying for wouldn't amount to much either. It is being touted in
their marketing lit as some sort of phrase sampler for dj's, which seems a
little misguided. (I don't see many dj's using rack gear, or modulation
effects for that matter....)   If you are looking for a sampler-like device
in this price range, I think you'd be better off with similar (and much
better thought out) phrase sampler devices from akai, yamaha, and boss, or
the ones built into some dj mixers. Better yet, save a little more money
and get an actual used akai sampler. That's my opinion, anyway, being a bit
more of the sampling persuasion.

I'm kinda baffled by this product, actually. Seems to me that DOD is very
confused about who the market for it is, or what that market might be
interested in. I guess we'll see how long it lasts.


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