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Re: DOD Dimension 12 review

Chuck Zwicky:
> This device has a LONG way to go before it could be very useful to anyone

This _sounds_ like an exaggeration.  It sounds like the
DOD Dimension 12's _delay_ mode is quite similar to
the Jamman's _delay_ mode, which is pretty much the
only way I use the Jamman because of the limited resolution
of the feedback setting in its other modes and its poor
design for sustained overdubbing (in loop modes, when you
lay down the initial the first layer, you're booted out--
it doesn't automatically switch to overdubbing; and if you're
overdubbing and switch loops, it drops out of overdubbing).

The ability to set the delay time directly (which I know
the Jamman can't do directly, and I've never heard any
evidence that the Echoplex can do) seems like a useful

This is not to say that everyone on this list can live
without the "missing" features.  And certainly you might
be paying for a lot of sampling features you would never