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DOD Dimension 12 review

I have on loan from a local pro-audio dealer the new DOD Dimension 12.
As a "looping device" it has serious flaws.

I'll be brief:

Wall Wart.

Audio is mono.

No level indication of any kind.

Has a mono Hi-Z input jack, a stereo line level input, but only MONO 
(actually ther are 2 outputs, but one is labled "Main" and the other
"Monitor" they allow auditioning samples out one, and routing through input
audio to the other.)

You can record four 6-second samples, which can be looped.

You can play either 1 & 2 or 3 & 4 simultaneously (2 voice polyphony)

You cannot listen to one sample while recording another.

You cannot overdub on a sample.

The 4 big buttons on the front panel do not play the stored samples, they
'select' them THEN you can press the 'play' button....

Samples can be played backwards.
Pressing the delay mode button wipes the sample memory.

Delay has infinite hold mode. ("loop" button on front).

Delay time cannot be adjusted with a knob, so no tuning of 'loops'.

Modulation of delay is 'destructive' in 'loop' mode. (If you apply
modulation to the held delay loop, it is now a permanent corruption of the

MIDI input only receives program change data.

MIDI input only controls "sampler' functions (not delay functions).

Has a footswitch input, 3 button proprietary. In delay mode said to control
"sample/hold" (maybe the same as the 'loop' button on the front panel?),
'Tap" and "effect on/off" (the  "effect" button on the front panel turns
the modulation on).

'Looped' delay cannot be edited, reversed or copied into a Sample location.

Delay has a 'Tap-Tempo' feature, tapping slower tempos will 'multiply'
current loop (as on Jam-Man).

Has a nice 'reverse delay' mode which samples input signal for the selected
delay length, and plays it out backwards, during which time it mutes the
dry signal.

No loop, feedback or modulation while in reverse.

Delay time only adjustable in 10ms increments up to 10s, then 100ms.