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another looper release

Hi all,

I've just released my CD, "Accidental Beauties".  The majority of the disc
falls into an electronic/soundscape vein (I play keyboards, with bassists
on two tracks and a percussionist on one).  There are also brief forays
into more groovular areas.  The common thread is that most of the pieces'
foundational tracks were improvised.

Loops are featured in several places.  The title tune opens with a
guitar-like sound processed through a long delay with a lot of
regeneration; the effect is of a gradually evolving loop, with some
crossfades that create tonal shifts.  The guitar-like sounds gradually
dissolve into some more shimmery sounds; a sample of this stage of the loop
then becomes the main background texture for the more rhythmic second half
of the piece.

In "Bricolage", the first part is composed on top of an improv, but in the
second half, we hear a rhythmic loop of percussive sounds evolve from chaos
in a surprising way, and then locked in and soloed over (with overdubbed
percussion and textural backgrounds).

Please visit my web site (URL in the sig) for ordering information, sound
samples, and reviews.

I would be totally into swapping for a CD or tape of *your* music -- just
let me know by email.


 Doug Wyatt                             doug@sonosphere.com
 Sonosphere (electric/improv music)     http://www.sonosphere.com/
 "Accidental Beauties" CD release:      http://www.sonosphere.com/wyatt/