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Re: DOD Dimension 12 review

Hi Chuck,

a few questions:

- I want to make a Looper's Delight web page for this guy, mind if I
include your review of it? And do you have any way to scan a picture of it
from the box? (I guess I could grab one from somewhere else....)

- Does it have any sync functions, to midi clock for example?

- any display for delay time or anything else useful?

- what's the audio quality spec'd at?

- is the interface intuitive or confusing?

>Wall Wart.


>You can record four 6-second samples, which can be looped.

can the lengths of these samples be independent of each other? Does it let
you do one 24 second loop, or are you stuck at 6 seconds?

>The 4 big buttons on the front panel do not play the stored samples, they
>'select' them THEN you can press the 'play' button....

Is there any sort of retriggering?

>MIDI input only receives program change data.
>MIDI input only controls "sampler' functions (not delay functions).

any more details on the midi functionality? Does it just replicate the
front panel buttons? Are you able to trigger samples with midi? (although
triggering them with program change would be a bit different from the way
any other sampler does it...)

>'Looped' delay cannot be edited, reversed or copied into a Sample 

a fluff piece I saw said you could edit sample start/stop points. How well
does that work?



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