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Re: DOD Dimension 12 review

 This device has a LONG way to go before it could be very useful to anyone
here. For instance: If you could play 4 samples simultaneously, record and
trim samples while the others played, trigger samples with MIDI or
copy delay loops into samples, reverse the delay while overdubbing, use
audio inputs to trigger samples, even stereo direct signal pass through.

Please imagine what you would like to be able to do with the box in a
performance setting, then re-read the review and this reply.

-Chuck Zwicky

>- Does it have any sync functions, to midi clock for example?


>- any display for delay time or anything else useful?

3 digit LED display for time

>- what's the audio quality spec'd at?

No Spec given

>- is the interface intuitive or confusing?

Confusing and idiotic. Pressing one of the 4 front panel buttons selects
(doesn't play) the sample. Pressing two of them clears the memory. With the
modulation unselected, turning the depth knob glitches the audio.
>can the lengths of these samples be independent of each other? Does it let
>you do one 24 second loop, or are you stuck at 6 seconds?

TWO 6 sec can be played simultaneously from one "group", i.e. 1&2 OR 3&4
LENGTH can be independant, however:
You CANNOT listen to one sample while recording another.
You CANNOT overdub on a sample.

>Is there any sort of retriggering?

NO. There is a 'Stutter' button, which alows retriggering, but you have to
SELECT the sample, then tap the stutter button.  There is no way to trigger
all 4 samples quickly.

>any more details on the midi functionality? Does it just replicate the
>front panel buttons? 


>Are you able to trigger samples with midi? (although
>triggering them with program change would be a bit different from the way
>any other sampler does it...)


>>'Looped' delay cannot be edited, reversed or copied into a Sample 
>a fluff piece I saw said you could edit sample start/stop points. How well
>does that work?

Fine, as long as playback is stopped. Otherwise it gets locked in a mode
where the loop gets shorter and shorter.
10ms accuracy only.