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Re: time stretching

Michael Peters wrote:

> Has anyone used software to time-stretch samples? I'd like to be able to
> stretch very fast and complex natural sounds (birdsongs, etc), but the
> resulting samples should not lose their sound quality. I've heard good 
> time-stretched samples - so I know it can be done - but I don't know 

The time stretch function in Studio Vision seems very good.  I only used
it to compress one segment by a few dozen milliseconds in order to make
it fit into a certain number of bars a bit more cleanly, but it was a
pretty long segment (about 20-25 seconds), and it sounded 
*great*.  None of the glitchy/flangy business you hear on lower-quality
timestretchers.  Don't know how it would function for more radical
stretches, but I do know that the Dust Brothers use the Studio Vision
feature pretty much exclusively now, saying they prefer it over what's
available even in something like Pro Tools.  Norman Cook (aka Fatboy
Slim) does some pretty serious timestretching as well; don't know what
process/software he uses, but it should be a good pointer.