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Re: DOD Dimension 12 review

I think that the older DOD delays have better features than this one for
looping. For example, being able to tune the captured loop. I rely on the
Jam-Man tempo LED quite a bit in solo performance. Synching to MIDI is not
possible in the DOD, and no tempo LED compounds the problems in a 12 second

Just my opinion. 

I think that this list could be a great resource for any company developing
a looper or delay. It's too bad that DOD will probably drop the product due
to "lack of interest in looping", when it really only needs more 

At 01:00 AM 4/27/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Chuck Zwicky:
>> This device has a LONG way to go before it could be very useful to 
>This _sounds_ like an exaggeration.  It sounds like the
>DOD Dimension 12's _delay_ mode is quite similar to
>the Jamman's _delay_ mode, which is pretty much the
>only way I use the Jamman because of the limited resolution
>of the feedback setting in its other modes and its poor
>design for sustained overdubbing (in loop modes, when you
>lay down the initial the first layer, you're booted out--
>it doesn't automatically switch to overdubbing; and if you're
>overdubbing and switch loops, it drops out of overdubbing).
>The ability to set the delay time directly (which I know
>the Jamman can't do directly, and I've never heard any
>evidence that the Echoplex can do) seems like a useful
>This is not to say that everyone on this list can live
>without the "missing" features.  And certainly you might
>be paying for a lot of sampling features you would never