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Re: THE TOP 5!


---babs <babs@d1-2517d.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> Speaking of simple gear, does anyone feel that
the massive ammount of
> gear some people use actually get's in the way
of the music? It's just I
> sometimes get the impression people care more
about their gear than
> music, or that the creativity generated by the
limitations of a small
> setup is lost with the mountains of gear
people feel is necessary to
> their music. I guess it's a bit like a
Hollywood movie, where the
> explosions and special effects take over and
the actors become the set
> pieces, only in this case it's the musicians
and their gear.
> Babs

Heh. When I feel like my gear mountain is
getting out of hand, I pick up my classical, and
play some Villa-Lobos or Bach.

I have also recently begun to create a 2nd, much
more simplified electric rig. No racks allowed! 
Just the DOD dfx98 pedal for loops (when I get
it!), the DOD volume/wah pedal, some sort of
modulation pedal and a fuzz box, running into a
new Fender Princeton.  Guitarist in a suitcase!


Rev. DOubt-Goat
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