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I've basically been able to get my whole looping and effects pedal set
up (EH 16 including foot controller, plus three fuzz pedals, trem and
uni-vibe clone) into a backpack style lap-top computer case. (These
cases are extra padded to protect against drops, and seem to be well
worth the cost BTW.) The mobility is great (easily transported and no
hassle on the airline when going to NYC), much better that the two plus
racks of effects gear plus fuzzes that I used to carry around. Only
drawback, no stereo (fewer back problems though).

> I have also recently begun to create a 2nd, much
> more simplified electric rig. No racks allowed! 
> Just the DOD dfx98 pedal for loops (when I get
> it!), the DOD volume/wah pedal, some sort of
> modulation pedal and a fuzz box, running into a
> new Fender Princeton.  Guitarist in a suitcase!
> 93
> Rev. DOubt-Goat