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Re[2]: In defense of Digitech

     OK... this one's on topic cause it's about my (almost) first looper. 
     The Digitech IPS33B was in my rack for 6 or 7 years when it finally 
     crapped out. I know it only had around 2 secs of delay, but I was 
     throwing out clouds of sound like they were going out of style. This 
     box does whammy and smart pitch stuff; has great parameters for 
     attaching controllers; and sounded good.
     It went back to Digitech a couple times previously and they (used to) 
     fix them for the price of shipping. Now they charge. They did the 
     for me with my PMC10 Midi controller pedal. All in all, Digitech has 
     been very good to me. I wonder if dt still uses his 33B...? I may 
     it back one more time to bring it back from the dead cause I want 
     old whammy stuff and don't necessarily want to purchase the pedal 
     Before that, my very first "looper" was a Roland SDE3000 on an AB 
     It could go 3 secs with the multiply knob. I'd stomp on the AB to 
     shoot my signal off to cloudland. 
     BTW: I had a PDS 8000? It was the 8 second one. It seemed like a cool 
     pedal, but I already had a Jammer w/32 and didn't have the same 
     of loop sickness I have now. I would probably be a nice box to have 
     the bag, just for laughs.

T.W. I still get a ton of use out of various DOD delays, even with a 
Echoplex.  Anyone who's fed up with the DOD/Digitech long delays (4sec+) is
welcome to contact me to arrange a sale.

Trevor...A friend of mine swears that DOD stands for 'Don't Own Dis'.  I 
know one way or the other, I just thought I would fan the flames.