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Re: THE TOP 5!


>Ed Alleyne-Johnson's "Purple Electric Violin Concerto" for the opposite
>reason; it's solo violin with 8sec delay to play fugues and it's GORGEOUS;

A great choice! I saw him on the UK TV show 'Later with Jools Holland'
about 7 years ago and was blown away. He was just playing through a
bunch of stomp boxes but put most peoples refrigerator racks to shame.
He used to do a short solo piece at New Model Army gigs (he played
guitar in the band), they've just released a new album I think, so you
might get some looping if you catch them on tour.

Speaking of simple gear, does anyone feel that the massive ammount of
gear some people use actually get's in the way of the music? It's just I
sometimes get the impression people care more about their gear than
music, or that the creativity generated by the limitations of a small
setup is lost with the mountains of gear people feel is necessary to
their music. I guess it's a bit like a Hollywood movie, where the
explosions and special effects take over and the actors become the set
pieces, only in this case it's the musicians and their gear.