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Re: "Acid" from Sonic Foundary

At 12:06 AM -0800 4/24/98, John Recker wrote:
>I ran across the following on the Sound Foundary www site
>     Available soon from Sonic Foundry˙!
>     Introducing ACID˙

>My impression based on this brief description is that this is more 
>intended as
>mixer for creating dance style loops,

I think it is mostly dance oriented. the name "ACID" should give that 
away. :-)

I'm sure you could warp it to other uses, though.

>but I was wondering if anyone saw this
>at NAMM and knew if it had the ability to interactively record and 
>loops ala jamman/edp.

don't know, but wouldn't the audio path latencies on the PC make this kinda
hard? Nice thing about the hardware loopers is that all they do is move
audio data around, so the latency is unnoticably small. (1-2 ms). With
today's PCs the latency is far greater than that (20-300+ms?), so I would
guess that real-time looping applications wouldn't work so well. Maybe if
you just do very droney ambient stuff that doesn't require much rhythmic
accuracy. When Microsoft gets around to releasing DirectMusic for win98,
they will supposedly cut the latency to 10ms, which is still not that great
(and indicates they still don't have a clue about real-time apps...) but
much better than now. Macs aren't much better.....  You probably need an


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