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Re: [Fwd: drum machines and looping]

>>Thinking about bringing the old HR-16 out of retirement.  Now, I could
>be wrong
>>here but:
>>1)   I am under the impression that one can, with a JamMan, have the
>old beast
>>drive the midi time to the drum machine
>woohoo!  another HR-16 user.  i bought mine new, many years ago, when i
>was in high school.  the interface really defined how i approach
>sequencing.  and i still use it often.
>i'm a EDP user, for almost a week now (thanks again to those on this
>list who helped me out with that purchase), so i haven't gotten around
>to midi sync-ing yet, but this is something i'm definately looking
>foward to trying.  i'll have to root around to find my HR-16 manual to
>see what it needs, as far as clock information.
>i'm fairly certain that it's relatively easy to sync anything from the
>HR-16.  i haven't actually done it yet, but it shouldn't require much
>more than actually plugging in the midi cable and setting a few

It's very easy to sync the HR-16. You just set the clock to receive or
transmit, depending which you are doing. The HR-16 uses start/stop song
messages too, so if you are receiving clock and can send start song, it
will come in on time. The echoplex will send a start song when you create a
loop, so the hr-16 will start right up in time. Not sure if the jamman does
that. It's a very handy feature.

>>2)  I am also under the impression that one can have the looper slave
>to the
>>drum machine and have the loop lengths determined by the length of the
>>loop, but:
>this may be a bit hairier, because of the reasons you state.  you'd also
>have a closed loop of midi cables, which could cause problems.

nah, its very simple to set up. With the echoplex you just set sync=in, and
connect drum machine midi out to echoplex midi in, set drum machine clock
to transmit. That's it, no closed loop midi or anything. I imagine jamman
is similar.

Then you just start the drum machine. The echoplex receives the clock and
flashes it's sync LED in time with the pattern. (depending on how you set
the 8th/beat parameter, which lets you do odd time signatures....).  You
tap record, plex waits for next sync point to come along. Sync point comes
(usually the beginning of the measure) and the echoplex starts recording.
You go on recording as long as you want, and tap record again, and the
echoplex stops recording at the next sync point. So it captures a very
accurate loop length aligned with the measures in the drum pattern. From
there, it tracks the midi clock and keeps things in sync. I imagine jamman
is similarly straightforward to do this?

The echoplex doesn't seem to pop the way jamman users complain about,
probably because we spent quite some time trying to prevent that.....

this is the way I usually work with the echoplex, since I like having the
sequencer master all the clocks and the other stuff follow that.

>>Now, I like the idea of having the tempo of the hr-16 vary slightly (by
>>the time with tapping the JM).  It would seem that option #1 would be
>the way to
>i really like the sliders on the HR-16.  you can use these to vary
>tempo... but this isn't exactly what you're looking for.

if you change the clock tempo to the HR-16, it happily follows. In fact, it
can happily follow into amazing extremes of fast/slow.... So you should be
able to retap the tempo if the jamman is the clock master.


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