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Re: THE TOP 5!

> Hi all,smaug from Mexico city here,I've been following this list for a 
> month now,very interesting,but as a newcomer in the looping stuff /only 
> year/ I have a question,I know this inquire is very subjective but,what 
> loop recordings could be considered as the top 5 of all time to the 
> people of this list?

Here's my 5:

I'd include Dave Torn's "Polytown" and Sylvian& Fripp's "The First Day" for
pure examples of using loops for helping the music, not just yelling "Look,
I'm looping";

Ed Alleyne-Johnson's "Purple Electric Violin Concerto" for the opposite
reason; it's solo violin with 8sec delay to play fugues and it's GORGEOUS;

Phillip Glass' "Einstein on the Beach" (or anything else really) to show
that you don't need electronic boxes to loop;

and finally Matthias Grob's "something something para pensar-se" (pardon my
Portugese) to remind everyone  just why their EDPs were ever made.


[And finally I'd loop Allan Holdsworth's suits to...NO KIM! NOOoooo....!]