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Re: Re: DOD Dimension 12 review

In a message dated 4/27/98 1:40:16 PM, Trevor wrote:

<<There isn't a whole lot of info on the whole RDS/PDS/TimeMachine thang.  
under the impression that PDS is the RDS in pedal form, although I have no
evidence to support this.>>

The PDS 8000 (Echo Plus)is much the same as the RDS 8000 (Time Machine),
except for the fact that the PDS pedal doesn't have an LFO (and thus 
have any modulation section).  Otherwise, it's a great little piece of 
gear --
definitely the most portable looper around, excepting of course the EH 
which offers more features, but is a bit pricey and fragile to be carried
about).  And they're cheap on the used market -- around or under $200 most 
the time.  They're distinctly better than the DFX94/98 series, in that 
a separate footswitch on the Echo Plus for hold/loop functions -- on the 
you need to turn a knob to put the pedal into sample mode, then a press of 
single footswitch triggers the hold.  Pretty inconvenient as a floor pedal,
that is to say.