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Re: Re: DOD Dimension 12 review

> <<There isn't a whole lot of info on the whole RDS/PDS/TimeMachine 
>thang.  I
> am under the impression that PDS is the RDS in pedal form, although I
> have no evidence to support this.>>
> The PDS 8000 (Echo Plus)is much the same as the RDS 8000 (Time
> Machine), except for the fact that the PDS pedal doesn't have an LFO
> (and thus doesn't have any modulation section).  Otherwise, it's a great
> little piece of gear --

don't forget that are at least three different generations of RDS
machines. Off the top of my head I remember these (I hope I'm gettined 'em
more of less right!)

The first was black with blue/grey trim and had large grey
buttons and rates of 900, 1900, 3600 I believe. These are still around
cheap but for some reason are often missing the buttons. I'd be curious if
anyone has found a source for replacements.

Then there were the black with dark blue and slimline black buttons which
were slightly better noise spec. Later versions of these added a switch
for triggering the "loop" you saved. Times were changed to 3900 MS on some
of these and they added the 7900 (8?) sec unit somewhere in here as well.
I have one of these without the trigger button but it does have a button
for hold that doesn't appear on any other unit. I believe I have the 3600
so they mixed and matched tiome quite a bit during this phase.

The final series was the white faced units which had the trigger and were
in 2,4 and 8 sec increments. I think this then led into the DPwhatever
series and they stopped making specific delays. this unit looks like other
digitech stuff of the time (Metal Machine, HM Harmonizer, etc).

All the RDS units have a speed, width, and depth knob plus in and out,
feedback, level and a mix type knob. Some have invert buttons (I think
this was added in the second series) and a 1/4" invert out as well.

also before the PDS2000 "echomachine" there was the PDS1002 a 2 second
digital delay with infinite repeat. This has got to me the most versitle
and affordable delay pedal ever made. Used these show up for $75 a lot
which is a great price/performance ration IMO. as said above the PDS
pedals only have a switch for range (0-50, 50-500, 500-2000 MS) and knobs
for delay time, regneration, in and out, and mix  (again going from
memory). Quite honestly the in and outs don't do too much on these. years
ago I threw one at my guitar player and sheared these two knobs off. I've
never noticed a difference (I don't reccomed thorwing them BTW I'm not a
role model...)

If anyone's *really* interested I could try and dig up all my old digitech
catalogs. I remember studying the RDS series when i had no money and they
kept changing them every year so i never could decide what to get...

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