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Re: Jamman memory chips, where?

Raul and Loopers,

You can max out a JamMan with memory from DMS, Inc. for $40. I've used
mine daily for six months with DMS chips with no problems. Do not buy
memory from Lexicon. It's incredibly overpriced and there's no reason to
support them since it seems that they've abandoned looping. If DMS no
longer carries them, check out RAMWATCH online at

Here's the info for DMS:

DMS, Inc.
Phone:(800) 662-7466
Fax: (603) 898-6585



Raul Bonell Tomas wrote:
> dear friends
>   I'd be very grateful if some among you should tell me
>   where to find (net shops!?) the memory chips for
>   upgrading a Jamman.
>   Sorry if this has been asked various times before,
>   but I couldn't read the info.
>   I supose, private answers are better this time:
>                  rauboto@eui.upv.es
>   Thanks in advance!
>   raul.