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Re: Microtonality

In a message dated 98-04-28 01:43:38 EDT, you write:

<< Has anyone on this list ever listened to microtonal music? 

Yes.  Played it too.

>Do you like microtonal music? 

Depends on the execution thereof.

I did a tour last year playing guitar with a Persian rock & roll band and 
two keyboard players had synths that were programmed to play in 
microtones.  A
very common mode they would use would be the equivalent of the western
phrygian mode but with the b2nd played 50 cents sharp.  The first time I 
that I flipped, it was really beautiful especially in the chordal
applications.  One challenge it posed to me was that, say the song was in 
I'd have to go through and make sure I didn't play any Ab's in my chord
voicings, as they would clash with the keys being a quarter tone sharp.  
me to thinking about how much fun a fretless guitar would be, especially if
you really learned how to nail those pitches between the cracks dead on.

The chinese pipa, which I studied for years, does make some use of 
mostly in the way of expressive devices like bends, so it's not purely
'microtonal' in that sense, no more than delta blues for that matter

Ken R