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Rubenstein & Microtonality

Not only is Ken Rubenstein an amazing guitarist and composer, he's also a
monster at looping.

Mark Kata

Jeff said:
>>I've got a friend named Ken Rubenstein who has a cd out of this amazingly
>>microtonal stuff (indian shenhai's done from guitar synths) and LOTS of
>>loops and he has what i believe to be the perfect vibrato arm. He can do
so >>much with quarter steps and eighth steps and he only uses a 12 tone
guitar. >>Although he's been wanting to get a fretless with marks for
quarter steps. >>You might want to check him out. If you've got ahold of 
old Guitar Player >>magazines...he won the LAST soundpage competition and 
in there, but >>his music is now more in the indian and Scottish music's
mixed with utter >>wierdness. If you'd like i can give you his address.